Monday, 20 August 2012


So 2 weeks ago I spent the weekend in Newquay and it was amazing!! It was such a good weekend!
I live camping and I don't do it often enough!
A lot happened over the few days, firstly us girls went for a drink annnnddd there were a LOT of stag do's that weekend with some STRANGE men around!
THEN Laura managed to tear one of her ligaments in her foot, had to go to hospital and convinced us all she needed an operations but turned up with crutches.
We also went surfing!! It was one of the bet things I have ever done it is sooo much fun! And just like to point out I was the first one to stand up ;-) BUt none of the lads were round to get pictures!! They spend the day at the tent... Boringgggg!!

I would def recommend going!

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