Sunday, 15 July 2012


So haven't blogged in a while!! Mainly because I've been on holiday and haven't recovered yet!
I went to Amsterdam for 4days to celebrate my friends 21st birthday!! It was amazing! Ad I got the chance to see my old friends and practice my Dutch, which I can proudly say, is still fairly easy!

We packed a lot into 4 days. Started with Ann Frank's house, who is such an inspiration to young kids who don't know how easy they have it. Then we went on a boat trip, through the canals and ended up in the Red Light District, which you of course have to visit when you are there! It is strange to see people so open about paying for things like that!
We also went and visited the Heineken experience, again that was interesting as they went through the process of making beer (which I might have to try!).
On the last night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and it was lovelyyyy! As I ordered a large cocktail I got to keep the glass ;-) I can't wait to go back!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day Out

As it was the last weekend of the Louboutin expedition I decided, with 2 of the girls I went to the Fashion Retail Academy with, that we would go visit the design museum.
The shoes were amazing!! But there was no photography :( that was a shame! There was an amazing hologram of Dita Von Teese and how she inspired a style of shoe, it looked like she was there actually performing! She is absolutely gorgeous!
We did spend the rest of the day as tourists, which was strange as I'm usually in London just to work! :)
We even saw the Olympic rings!! Getting excited for the games!!