Friday, 27 April 2012

So as you saw, finished my trend boards AND created 5 items for the tribal mountsineer trend!!
Think that's enough for today!

Off to watch Jeremy Kyle!!
Been looking at what trends I will be using to design my range(s), I have decided on three trends which are... Cadet Academy, American Classic and my favourite Tribal Mountaineer!
I got some silhouettes ready and have created a trend board for each have a look...

I know there are a few things to tweek and add, such as the pantone ref but they are pretty much ready! :D
I tried to choose trends that are all different, as it is a new brand I don't know what would sell so going for a wider audience and see what works.
Just imagine an 8 years wearing a military jacket or a knitted roll neck with a wolf on the front... how cute!

OH and in case you didn't realise my range is to be launch in autumn/ winter 2013! Woooo

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


That is all....
Been brousing on the Topman website and found some perfect printed t-shirts and jumpers!

Too cool for school is a PERFECT slogan for the ages my range will be for!! :D def know I will be having these kind of printed tops within my range.

Have also started to look at spring/ summer '13 trends and if it works I am going to choose 3 of the trends and create a range for them. That way as it is a new brand I can experiement and see what sells and what doesn't and then the following season, expand on best-sellers.
Had to present my idea yesterday... wentt ok BUT got to change a few things.

I have to think of a new name, as it's not quirky enough! I not very good at thinking of names!! LOL and because of VAT I am going to have to change the ages to 8- 14/ 15 as any older and VAT needs to be added... kind of annoying as my research showed 10- 16 years of age would have been perfect!

Then again this is probably why it hasn't been done before...

First stop think of a new name AAAHHHH!!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Soooo felt like I should be doing something and wanted to get stuck in...

Have a look at this beaut!

The swing ticket for my range!! It is the exactly look I wanted... Inspired by the Topman limited collection and I wanted it to look stylish and expensive. Personally I feel it achieves just that!
I wanted it to be square as I find in all high street store, the more expensive the product the squarer the ticket, but Topteen will still be affordable!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Organised myself a timetable so I know what I am doing and when... hopefully I'll be able to stick to it and everything runs smoothly!
Project research is coming on nicelyyy...

I have, like I said, completed a few comp shops. I have got people to complete a survey so I know where they are shopping and how much they are sending AND have also started to look at Topman's best-sellers so I know what kind of thing to design.
The next thing I am going to do is come up with the brand value and vision as presenting these back are a good start to show what my brand is all about!

OOOooohhh AND I am now the new Merchandsing Admin Assisstant for New Look online brands!!! aaaahhhh!!! soooo excited!!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Soooooo first slide for my presentation!! Watcha think?! I know I know cheesey name BUT it is rememberable which makes it commercial :) PLUS it kinda rolls off the tongue... and TopBoy for example just doesn't sound as good, really!

I can NOT wait to present back my idea and start designing the range and getting feedback from potential customers!! At work (I work in a Burton store) we get parents in ALL the time asking whether we go down in the waiste small enough for their sons and we just don't cater for the younger lads.
The more I hear the customers say it, the more I can't wait to carry on with the project! :D

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Comp shop doneeee!!

By doing a comp shop for boys wear brands I have realised they have been really pushed to the back when it comes to fashion! As mens wear on a whole is growing, boys wear is being left behind more and more. I feel there is definantly a gap in the market for my new brand.

Monday, 2 April 2012

It isn't brilliant quality but you get the idea... I am also going to do this for New Look, Next and M&S but also Littlewoods just to see what is available online as well.
Since I've last been online, I have been busy! Starting with three weeks work experience in the Heal's HQ. I enjoyed it but as it was with the buying team it did make me realise I want to be a merchandiser! Then I have also done a week back at BHS :) It was nice to be back and I was welcomed with open arms!
BUT whilst being with BHS for a week I got a phone call from New Look's HQ and they are currently understaffed and as the recruitsment manager did a practice interview with me at the FRA and took my details she thought I would like to step in for two weeks... So I am currently at New Look head office with the brands e-com team! :o)

Back to my FMP though... I am carrying out comp shops at the moment to see who would be my brands competition, there are a few company's out there. I have attached below the River Island comp shop I have done.

I have also decided on a name for my brand.... wait for it.... TopTeen! I am feeling it! Might be cheesey but it is rememberable and that's what you need!