Sunday, 30 December 2012


So I had an amazing Christmas!
It was lovely to have the whole family round :) with all nans and granddads as well as uncle and aunties!

I was spoilt with money, Hello Kitty zatchel, pandora beads and more. It was also perfect to have more than 1 day off :) a much as I miss working in the shop I don't miss working over Christmas and new year!

Well hope you have a good Christmas and have an amazing new year!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Not a lot to say...

Sooo I have got much to say apart from its nearly Christmas!! :D

And I have found a new love for Miss Guided! Their clothes are gorgeous! I treated myself to a new pair of Jeffery Cambell style boots and an amazing burgundy midi dress, they are both easy to wear and really good value!!

I have passed my wish lost on to Santa ;)

Christmas Time

Soooo it is so close to Christmas I feel like a little kid!! The tree is up all presents wrap, works xmas do done with, just a few days until I finish for the festive season!!
Looking forward to the family coming round :) now my grandad is well enough to leave the hospital I hope this isn't the last! But will party like it is :) xxx Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shrek the Musical

So I have the best boyfriend ever!
He took me to go see Shrek the Musical which was amazing! Almost the best musical I have seen (Lion King is still the best)
We had pretty good seats and the theatre wasn't too big so wherever you was you had a good view!
The actress who played Fiona use to be in Hollyoaks and she was good!

The only thing about watching these musicals is that it makes me miss performing arts A LOT!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Nails Galore :)

Just thought I would share my nails!

I ❤ them!! They matched my clown costume perfectly!

I don't usually have time to make sure they look good and aren't chipped but I think I'm gonna make sure they are all perfect :D

Sunday, 28 October 2012


This year Halloween has been eventful! Started off as such a good night, pre-drinks, night out in Reading, brilliant!

By 3am we were in A&E!! Worst thing was if wasn't for me or my friends it was for my best friends little brother! He was very drunk (as were we all) but he stumbled and hit his head and had to get it glued!

He is now fine and recovered well haha!

Vegas Baby!

So it has been a while! But a lot has happened since I last blogged!

About 3 weeks ago I got back from Vegas! It was the best holiday I have ever had, I did so much within a week! I could have easily stayed for 2 weeks!

Started off with doing the usual, walking up and down the strip and in and out of the other hotels! Plus a bit of shopping! Bought quite a bit, a new juicy couture track suit, Ed Hardy jacket (which is amazing), some disco pants and more!

We also went to the Gran Canyon, which is beautiful, it was def worth going!

We also went to a shooting range, which is something you can't do in England! My aim was pretty good!

The night life was amazing too! The night we went out I won $200!! Even though because I am girl I got free entry and free drinks all night! ;-)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Reading Festival!

Reading fest was amazing!! Kasabian smashed it AGAIN! Kieser Chiefs were also amazing!

There were so many acts that were so good! Even the time spent at the tent was brilliant! All we needed was vodka, Redbull and some shots!
The company was lovely and the sun was out! I even got sun burnt!!

Bring on next year!!!!