Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Must Haves

Sooo whilst on my way home on a DELAYED train I was mobile shopping and found some must haves for my wardrobe!
Very floral but gorgeous, I want a patterned suits SO bad!!
There are more but my stop is next so til next timeeeee

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Versace's men's spring/ summer 2013 catwalk images stood out for me... You can see why for some of them ;) but on a serious note the suits look gorgeous and it shows again that what I said before about men's fashion still applies now :) there is a lot that you can do!

Ok some of it is a bit too much for guys now-a-days but the ideas are good and could easily be transferred to the high street... The colours are gorgeous and duck egg blue is my favourite!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hectic week!

So this has been a busy one! Work has been manic! Mainly because I was out of the office Thursday which meant catching up on the extra day...
Let's just say I'm glad it's the weekend!

Little bit nervous this week though! I'm due to get my FMP results eeekkk! I'm the kind of person who panics about everything and the more I think about FMP the more I think I've left something out (not that I can change anything now).
Gonna have a relaxing weekend and maybe a have a look for a graduation dress... Hoping I get an invite! Then again if I don't not a big deal as I'm off to Amsterdam the following dayyyyy soooo excited!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Managed to take a picture of a guys shoes on the train this morning, they were amazing!
He was very 'French' styles. He was wearing a linen brown linen jacket with a neck scarf, beige trousers and the shoes!
I do like a man with nice shoes :) an you tell?!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


As Royal Ascot has started today, I do think it's funny that they have 'fashion police' at the ready... Shoulders to be covered, no fascinaters and dresses should not be a disrespectful length! My god how many rules do they want!

Then again I would still like to go! Considering I live 10min down the road!!
Hmmm... Might see if there are any tickets left for the Saturday....

Monday, 18 June 2012

Men's Fashion Week

Soooo title says it all!! I am kinda excited about the fact there will be a men's fashion week! There is so much growth and potential for men's fashion but it is difficult to get it right in the right retailers... For example New Look have menswear brands but all of the lads I have spoken to didn't even know New Look had a men's department!!!

Designer Lou Dalton opened the show with some amazing suits! I am def a suits geek, having worked as a rep I use to love measuring and fitting men and lads for suits. Was great to see them ready for a wedding or prom :) especially now there is so much more you can do, like contrasting trim you wouldn't have had that 10years ago! Then again cord suits are on the rise again so fashion def comes back around!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Went out last night, just to a mates, but I notice EVERY guy who was there was wearing a snap back! They are def going to be the wardrobe essential this summer!
I would love a baby blue one! With all the little boutiques in London I'm pretty sure I could find one! Annnnndddd as I'm off to Vegas this year I bet I could find some pretty cool ones in American! Eeekkk super excited!! Oh one more thing... Any you girls out there should read, without a doubt, Fifty Shades trilogy. I can not tell you how good the books are! I enjoy a good book when I'm on the train to work but these I have been disappointed to arrive at work, purely because I have to put the book down!!
So make sure you buy ;)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Morning!! Currently walking to the train... Again! I'm gonna have to move to London! I want to sooo bad! :( why is it so freakin' expensive?!
Anywho I am loving full time work :D feel like I can get fully involved and know exactly what is happening. I do miss seeing the FRA girls every day though :( next to will be graduation! Then I'm off to Amsterdam to see my other friends aaahhhh!! Haven't been back for about 8yrs I can not wait to see them all! Will have to start practicing my Dutch though, little rusty! Actually very rusty!
Oh I do tend to waffle a lot and i'm kind of using this as a diary so it might be a bit random! (pre-warned)

Have a good day!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

I have way too much time travelling on the train home from London... Especially when it's delayed half hour!! God it's been a long day!! Annndd I am starving! Mum better have dinner ready :) anywhoo been shopping whilst sat here and think its a shame it's raining so much as I have seen so amazing summer stuff everywhere! I LOVE and WANT actually no NEED these!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

As long as he's comfortable!!
Now FMP is over, I'm going to try and keep up the blog :) I enjoy feeling and mad and talking to myself!! Sums me up really!!

Starting with these shoes!! Wow!! What dya think?!
Hiden wedge I freakin' love them!! And want the black ones too!! Badly!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Here is the fianl product! :D I am so relieved to get it finished! Concidering everyone keep telling me how stressed I was going be I haven't felt too stressed... but then again haven't got a grade yet!

Even though I am working with New Look and absolutely LOVE it! I would still love to work for Topman after doing this and wold def take this with me to an interview :)

It may not be to everyone's taste but I know after doing the research and there being results to show there should be some more 'tween' brands and boys brands in general, I think this idea would work. Not just for Topman but if River Island promoted it properly and didn't call it 'kids' wear I think there is def a gap in the market!

Well I hope I get a good enough grade to go to graduation!! I am aiming for a merit but I think I would cry if I got a distinction! But looking at the standard of other people's work I think other will be getting a higher grade :) I think everyones work looks amazing and I am glad I am one of the people who after doing all of this still likes to look at my work (even though I feel I've missed something)!

Thanks for reading!!!!!
I need to stop changing the pages!!! I keep printing and re-printing!!
2 days and hand in!!!!!!!
After printing ome of it, I realised how much work I have actually done!!! :-O Did not think it would be this thick... AND its not all printed yet! WOW!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Research file is coming along good too!! I've got my comp shop that I did before, catwalk images from drapers men's milan catwalk, boys spring/ summer catwalk and had a look at some other fashion history bits... There is a lot that actually is in favour of the B-Scene brand!
PLANAGRAM!!!! Now I have seen the ranges on planagrams, I think they look good if they were to be in store :D After being visual merchandise trained in Evans, I miss merchandising the shop floor so doing it with my own range is brilliant! :D
I tried to get the iPhone app for my blog but it doesn't seem to work, which is a really disappointment!
So I have been forgetting to write everything on here :(
But since I wrote on here last I have started my job with New Look :D and loving it!!
Surprisingly I am finding it easy to split my time between work and FMP, so at the moment I am not as stressed as I probably should be!!
I am concentrating on my sourcing side of the assignment and actually knew more than I thought... Maybe my brain is a bit of a sponge after all!!
I feel like I'm getting somewehere now I have finished my ranges :) Below is the Cadet Academy trend, I wasn't sure about this trend to start with but actually I now LOVE IT!!

After creating the range I have also done my pricing triangles....

Had a brain wave todayyyyy!!!
After being told to change the name of my range... I thought of a catchy yet edgey feel, it is now called... B-Scene :D
My slogan is 'Because Every Lad Wants To B-Scene In Topman' It s unique, different and stands out, therefore fits in well with the Topman feel
So went in to speak with my tutor today and she said that 143 options was way to much!! I showed her the spread sheets I had done and she said that the space of the store is too big and that Topman would never give that much space to a new brand...... Back to the drawing board!

It did kind of work out, I changed the space to 12cm2 (which is smaller) and the options went down :D I now have to create just 79 options!!
I am still sticking with the three trends I have chosen :)