Thursday, 7 June 2012

Here is the fianl product! :D I am so relieved to get it finished! Concidering everyone keep telling me how stressed I was going be I haven't felt too stressed... but then again haven't got a grade yet!

Even though I am working with New Look and absolutely LOVE it! I would still love to work for Topman after doing this and wold def take this with me to an interview :)

It may not be to everyone's taste but I know after doing the research and there being results to show there should be some more 'tween' brands and boys brands in general, I think this idea would work. Not just for Topman but if River Island promoted it properly and didn't call it 'kids' wear I think there is def a gap in the market!

Well I hope I get a good enough grade to go to graduation!! I am aiming for a merit but I think I would cry if I got a distinction! But looking at the standard of other people's work I think other will be getting a higher grade :) I think everyones work looks amazing and I am glad I am one of the people who after doing all of this still likes to look at my work (even though I feel I've missed something)!

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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