Thursday, 3 May 2012

Well... def just realised it is only 5 weeks until hand in!! AAAAHHHH!!!
but on the plus side I feel I am getting somewhere...

Finished my mood AND trend boards, set up my merchndising spread sheets and worked out how many options I will need (this being 143 options!) sound a lot but then I broke it down into the three trends I am covering and works out 62, 51 and 30 options so I am going to have Tribal Mountaineer as my main trend, then Amercian Classics and then Cadet Academy.
We also started to look at the VM of the department today and I have decided to have the two main trends on the walls and cadet academy on the floor (if it works of course).

For now I am going to carry on working my ass off to finish my trends and get the options done as I know everything else will be a lot more thinking!! The range just takes take SOOOOO thank god it is a bank holiday weekend and my monday as already been dedicated to my FMP... exciting!! *sarcasm* Once I know the ranges are complete I think I will relax a bit and enjoy completing the project.
My main problem is going into the academy and everyone else stressing which makes me stressed!!

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