Friday, 2 March 2012

So this is my first blog, little scared!!

Sarted on my FMP (final major project) ideas tonight (that's even scarier! Eeekk!).
I started by doing a spider diagram to brain storm ideas... I need to start by saying my ideal job would be with Topman, so all I know is that I am going to create a range of some sort for them.
I've looked into the obvious idea first, which would be to do kidswear. When I did work placement with BHS kidswear I LOVED it so I know I'll be passionate about it, then looked  at who the competitors would be and yea there are a few, such as River Island, Next and M&S but the range is either too young for the older end of the boys OR it just won't fit because it would have to be from the mens ranges!

Will have to look into what season though... I know kidswear is behind current trends and I am sure boyswear is 2 years behind mens! I can check all of this when I go back to BHS head office for another 3 weeks work experience, believe it or not they want me back!!

Anyway that's it for tonight! I'm sure I could ramble on for longer but will leave you with these ideas to start!

Night Bloggers!!

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